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Social Foxtrot Intro and Demonstration

Social Foxtrot Intro and Demonstration

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The Social Foxtrot

This is considered to be the easiest of the Ballroom Dances to learn and can be danced to almost any piece of 4 beat music.

It is commonly used for Wedding Dances, is one of the first ballroom dances taught. It is a great way of building confidence and learning something that makes you feel like you can go out on the floor right away.

You will learn the basic steps, how to negotiate the corners and then add some turns and promenade walks to make your dance more interesting and look more elaborate.

The video below is a short demonstration of the Social Foxtrot. It is our first attempt at publishing a demonstration video. It is far from perfect but I hope it will help beginners to follow the steps.
Please share and follow our YouTube Channel for more videos coming soon.

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