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What will you do to make 2019 a Memorable Year?

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Here's hoping everyone has had a super Christmas and has many happy memories of 2018. Learn2DanceSandy.co.uk

As thoughts of Christmas festivities fade and we look forward to the New Year Celebrations what will you do to make 2019 a memorable one?

Why not make Learning to Dance your goal for 2019?

Classes start on Tuesday 15th January at 7:30pm in The Conservative Club, 19 Bedford Road, Sandy, Beds, SG19 1EL, at a cost of £8 per person per evening.

Lessons cover Ballroom and Latin Dances and are suitable for Adult Beginners and Improvers of all levels.

Our aim is to teach in a relaxed, fun and social environment with a goal of getting everyone out social dancing with confidence.

Dancing is good exercise, great fun and a wonderful social activity.

Come along on the 15th January or get in touch for more information.

Web: learn2dancesandy.co.uk
Facebook: learn2dancesndy

Make 2019 the year you learn to dance. Happy New Year Everyone.
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